Jeep tours and walking tours is with Just Come!


During your hotel stay, enjoy a morning, an afternoon or even a day touring at our mountains by jeep with a guide who knows very well the territory and villages of the Magic Mountains, ah! and there is always a stop for a basket snack with a local products.

The Just Come, in the person of Pedro Teixeira, was our partner during the process of making the promotional video of the Hotel Vouga and we spend some good time filming at the Arada and Freita mountains and also at the Drave village.

This very kind and receptive tour operator and tourist entertainment agent operates in the territory of Arouca Geopark and São Pedro do Sul. He is known for the good disposition of his team and the dynamization of activities during all the year. The jeep tours and walking trails go through some points of the Water and Stone Routehistorical, cultural and biodiversity route of our territory and neighboring territories.

Take a refreshing challenge on the exciting Paiva River, you can opt for an afternoon of rafting, canyoning, or even a kayak course. If you are not prepared for this degree of adventure, you always have stand up paddle or water walk.


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