Restaurante Hotel Vouga Termas de São Pedro do Sul

Restaurant Hotel Vouga

Comida tradicional nas Termas de São Pedro do Sul

The 1902 Restaurant is located in a central, elegant and comfortable area of the hotel, with a wonderful balcony overlooking the Vouga River. The name is inspired by the year the Hotel Vouga was founded, and aims to provide you with a tasty journey around the Portuguese gastronomy, the traditions of Lafões and the wines of the Dão region


Costeleta de Vitela de Lafões nas Termas de São Pedro do Sul
Bar do Hotel Vouga nas Termas de São Pedro do Sul
Mesa para duas pessoas no Restaurante do Hotel Vouga

The 1902 Restaurant has strong links with local traditions and products, knowing all the little secrets. It seeks to unite the Portuguese gastronomic culture with the tradition of the Lafões region. Besides the reinterpretation of the most typical dishes of Lafões as the veal of Manhouce and roast kid, here we find a kitchen with a contemporary and sophisticated touch.

In our kitchen we celebrate the products of the season and the flavors of always, prepared by the cooks of always. We like to serve regional and seasonal foods, which reflect our passion for the region and nature. We work with local butchers and farmers for whom quality is fundamental. We respect time and origins. We practice a seasonal cuisine, of communion and full respect for nature.

The wine list has a selection of the best wines from the Dão to accompany the best flavors of Lafões.