During your stay at the Vouga Hotel Wellness & Nature, in Termas de São Pedro do Sul, we propose you to take a walk on the Paiva Walkways (Passadiços do Paiva).

Situated on the left bank of the Paiva river, in the municipality of Arouca, Aveiro district they make part of the heart of the Magic Mountains and Arouca Geopark. Not only for its location but also for its innovative nature - being part of that place on the first meter of the route.


Built in 2015 and highlighted for three consecutive years by the World Travel Awards in different categories, Passadiços do Paiva attract thousands of tourists, curious, photographers, adventurers and nature lovers not only national but also international, who can find in this place, the reflection of the beauty of the interior of Portugal.


Its interest goes beyond the touristic!


It is possible to get to know closely the species of fauna and flora (some in the process of extinction), either by accompanying with a guide or by ourselves. The existing geological and archaeological points of interest are a true trip to the past at the present, in which we understand the importance of preserving.


Have you ever imagined following the wild waters of the Paiva river while watching the fauna and flora of the territory on a wooden walkway?


So it is possible!

Along the 8 kilometers with a stop in the middle of Praia do Vau (Vau beach), you have the opportunity to exercise your body and mind, breathe fresh air, stop to see the waterfalls and the strength of the river that takes the adventurer who dared to “jump” to the boatand above allyou have the opportunity to feel good!



We love Nature and you?


Start point: Areinho or Espiunca

Average duration: 2h 30

Price: 1 euro | reservation are obligatory


More information and reservations: http://www.passadicosdopaiva.pt/

Distance from the Hotel Vouga Wellness & Nature (Termas de São Pedro do Sul): 1h11 min | 50 kms