1st century - Construction of the Roman Spa (balneum)

476 - Fall of the Western Roman Empire - Early Middle Ages

567 - Creation of the Visigothic capital in Toledo

711 - Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula

1139 - D. Afonso Henriques declares himself king of Portugal (Battle of Ourique)

1152 - 1st Foral given to Vila of Bath by D. Afonso Henriques

1169 - Visit of D. Afonso Henriques for treatment in Caldas Lafonenses

1502 - D. Manuel I creates the Royal Hospital of Caldas de Lafões

1515 - 2nd Foral given to Vila of Bath by D. Manuel I

1860 - Visit of Ramalho Ortigão to Caldas de Lafões

1875 - First edition of Ramalho Ortigão's book Baths of Caldas and Mineral Waters

1884-1886 - Construction of a new resort at the initiative of C M S. Pedro do Sul

1894 - Visit of Queen Queen D. Amelia (wife of King D. Carlos) for spa treatments

1895 - Renamed the spa station to Caldas da Rainha D. Amelia

1902 - Construction and opening of the Vouga Hotel