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1) Check in and Check out

Check In: ​​3:00 pm

Check out: 12:00

Check-in and check-out times may vary upon room availability.

Early check-in and late check-out possible upon prior reservation and associated charge

The Hotel has the right to refuse the request for early check-in or late check-out in case of unavailability.

Minimum check-in age at hotel is 18 years old.


2) Booking Conditions

Prices and payment conditions of stay vary according to the following seasons:


For reservations made during High Season, Carnival, Easter and New Year period, the Client must pay 40% of the amount at the time of booking via bank transfer. The remaining amount may be paid upon check-in.


For bookings made during Mid or Low Season periods, the Client must pay 20% of the stay amount at the time of booking via bank transfer. The remaining amount may be paid upon check-in.


For stays of less than 3 nights, regardless of the time of booking, payment must be made in full (100% of the amount) at the time of booking via bank transfer.

Reservations are only considered confirmed upon payment of the above amounts.



High | 15 July - 30 September

Average | 1 April - 14 July and 1 October - 31 October

Baixa | 1 November - 31 March


3) Cancellation of reservations

In situations of cancellation of reservations, there is no refund of the amount paid.


In cases of force majeure, duly proven by the Customer, in which an early departure, prior to check-out, or cancellation of the reservation, HOTEL VOUGA will deliver a Customer Voucher with a date for future stay, scheduled according to Hotel availability.


4) Other considerations

If an overbooking situation occurs, the Client will be rehoused in a Hotel of the same category or above at no additional cost. In such situations, there is no right to any compensation or termination of the Contract by Customer.


5) Customer Behavior

- Hotel Vouga's client integrates guests of stays as well as clients related to events.

- Small pets may be admitted, according to prior authorization requested by the Client to the HOTEL VOUGA Administration.

- Under Law No. 63/2017, at HOTEL VOUGA's premises, smoking any tobacco products and / or their derivatives, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited.

- The Hotel has free private parking for guests and visitors, subject to availability.

- We recommend a civic and non abusive parking. The hotel is not responsible for damage to third parties or car theft.

- The hotel is not responsible for any object or document not left in its custody. However, the rooms have a safe for your personal use during your stay.

- The Hotel reserves the right to expel customers who are acting unfairly, offensive and threatening to other customers or employees.

- Changes in the organization of space and equipment in rooms and common areas are prohibited. Small changes are allowed, as long as they do not influence security and functionality

- Forbidden to store dangerous articles in the rooms, such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable materials and psychoactive substances.

- Forbidden to sell articles inside HOTEL VOUGA

- During the stay, it is forbidden to make excessive noise that disturbs the rest of the other guests and behave inappropriately.

- Clients must respect quiet times: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am