Sustainability | Bio-Region São Pedro do Sul



The municipality where the Hotel Vouga is situated (São Pedro do Sul) was the third one to join the European network of bioregions.



What does it mean? The natural, cultural and productive resources of the territory are connected and reinforced by local policies aimed at enhancing the environment, traditions, people and the local knowledge. An exemplary policy is the promotion of the natural and typical products, obtained by organic production systems, by organic (formed) producers, environmentally conscious tour operators, associations and consumers, articulating with the promotion of the territory, to achieve a development of the economic, social and cultural potentialities of the place where we live. In short, value what is ours!



Aromatic herbs, small and big fruits, vegetables, eggs and wine are now being produced in organic mode. The products are sold on the farms where they are grown, at biological markets in Termas de São Pedro do Sul and to the local restaurants and schools. In this way, the locals and visitors have access to the products of the region and start to value them and know their mode of production.



At the schools, the introduction of the organic fruit into menus and the creation of an organic lunch menu to be served once a month is a challenge that has already started; Study visits to the organic producers have been promoted as well as the implementation of the organic gardens in schools.



In Termas of São Pedro do Sul, the actions include the introduction of organic products in the menus of hotels and restaurants; promotion of the healthy weeks (fully biological and local soups and salads) and the creation of point to sale the organic products.



Regarding to tourism, the Pedestrian Routes were adapted to Bio Routes, covering the main biological places (agricultural companies, agrotourism, environmentally relevant places for the conservation of biodiversity and local traditions).



Also at Hotel Vouga, we opted for local and seasonal produce making our kitchen recipes even more tasty.